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Sky King

(Recorded by the Psychedelic Fuzz)

If you sit and watch the clouds go by,

You may catch a glimpse of the King of the Sky


His dress is made from feathers that shine

And his kingdom is called Serendipidine.


The roads through his town are the rays of the sun

With the great golden orb, his people are one.

The King of the Sky is tiny indeed

And he rides on the wind through his streets with ease.


 His castle is made from the bricks of the Moon

And it shines with a glorious light ‘til high noon.


If you glance up just as a cloud passes by

You may see it glistening in the sky.


He can ride down on a drop of rain

As it drifts to the Earth to be taken again.


He explores the land to which his kingdom gave birth

But soon misses his home far above the brown Earth.


He longs for the roads that glow golden light

And his magical palace that smells of sweet night.


The breezes up there have a pleasanter scent

Than any Earth dweller can ever ferment.


So the king bids goodbye to the bugs and the worms

And the foxes, and bears, and the rocks gray and stern


He patiently waits for a coming fog tide

And in the dewy mist, he catches a ride.


He rests his head on the pillow of white

And in the cool fluff, dreams dreams of delight.


Soon he is back in his palace so fair

With the stars of the sky like flowers in his hair.


He smiles at his kingdom with its people that glow

And at the smoggy Earth, way down below.


So next time your troubles are making you cry

And you can't seem to find a way to get by


Give this little game a try:


Lie on your back and gaze upward far

Look at the sun, or the moon, or the stars


Let the clouds drift lazily by

And fly soaringly high with the King of the Sky.


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