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“Corbo’s playing is unusually restrained, speaking in exotic hybrids couched in a classical style, yet echoing Sun Ra. To melt away into her playing is to appreciate it…Corbo has a powerful voice. It bites in just the right way; it’s reedy but full, ready to switch genres at a second’s notice. She blends compositions in impressive ways...”  --The Broad Street Review

“Part cabaret diva, part steampunk traveler through space and time, Philly’s Erica Corbo creates an elaborate fiction around her I, America LP... Musically, this is light and playful, reminiscent of Regina Spektor’s early records like 11:11 and Soviet Kitsch — works that are conceptual but also dressed up in a kitchen sink approach to sounds and melodies, toy train whistles and lo-fi drum machines, with Corbo’s prancing jazzy piano and bright voice front and center...easy to dig as a record of pure playful pop.”

--John Vettese for WXPN’s The Key

" I, America is a theatrical pop gem with a unique steampunk aesthetic"  --Sarah Hojsak for WXPN's The Key

"Erica is an awesome mind and artist and we are excited to work with her again."  --Philadelphia Jazz Project

"Erica Corbo is a vivid woman with creative independence and...a soulful mindset. Killer player."  --Tim Price, Philly sax player and multi-instrumentalist

"Intergalactic space viking!"  --Heather Houde of Ragtag Empire

"Whimsical but real..." --I, America audience member

"[Erica's] playing is charming but modern." --bassist at Cool Jojo, Yokohama, Japan

"[Space Whale Orchestra] is a nimble improvisational music ensemble." --Philadelphia Jazz Project

"Humanist and grounding..." --pianist Thollem McDonas on Space Whale Orchestra

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