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eyes relate a Human fondness

There are conundrums in the corners of the cosmos.

( countless )

Crannies, caves, and coves

hold questions quite like nothing else.




If you try too hard it's gone.


No matter how cautiously you creep

your curiosity cannot be satiated

without a willingness to relinquish yourself.




You r self.


Sanity succeeds in the secession of a

knowledge no one asks for

but every question contains.


An answer of multitudes.

quantities, collapsed and bent along the fabric,

are holding all hostage.


A web.


The molecules connect in a fashion less feasible the longer contemplation lingers.


eyes relate a Human fondness:

drag them to the dance and let them die -

The television taught me that.


Here it comes, the ego trip -

gets me everytime.  Damn - Ride it out.


If roads are trees are birds are bees - then what are words?

Practice makes perfect

  still - We All Fall Down.


Isn't it trite?   ( The television taught me )

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