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Cloud 9

Sunbeams are filling the sky 
It’s got me wondering why 
My days are so blue 
When you would be true 
To me, We could be on Cloud 9 

You look at me, and you say 
‘I’ll love you through all my days’ 
I know that it’s true 
But I’d rather be blue 
My love for you I can proclaim 

You are frustrated and sad 
Only when we touch are you glad 
But that’s not my style 
I wish that you’d smile 
And tell me it isn’t so bad 

That’s not your job, this I know 
But I wish your mean words would go 
I know that you’re sad 
But it’s all not that bad 
And you are the star of your show 

Our love flows even and calm 
It’s not like passion, so strong 
This could be healthy 
Are we meant to be 
Happy ever after all

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